May 13, 2013


Visual Dare #19

The fresh tide dragged at his heels, cold rivulets snaking down his arms as he desperately hefted the splintering frame from the sodden shore.  The reflection of his image in the untouched glass strangled his heart with such grief as he stared into haggard eyes, wild with desperation and infected with hope.

Wait for me inside okay sweetheart?  I’ll come get you when it’s safe…

His throat burned at the memory, of his naivety that cost him everything, at what he would sacrifice to see those beautiful blue eyes staring back at him once again.  Leaning his forehead against the glass, he pictured her face surrounded by the beauty of the isles, unable to withhold the tears that rolled down its surface.

My dearest Anabelle.

A tremor echoed through the wood, humming beneath his fingertips as clouds darkened the mirrored horizon.  His reflection had faded, the glass fogging along the lines of his despair until a small hand print became visible.

word count: 161

All is not lost,
from sjp

The Oil Slick - Frightened Rabbit


  1. Ooo, what a cool and a tad creepy story! I want to read more. :)

  2. Creepy, yes, but seeming to break forth to a point of hopefulness right at the end. I would love love love to know the backstory on this one. :)


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