May 28, 2013


Before they collect dust,
delightful appreciation for the mentions.

Very Inspiring Blog Award:

Random Facts
1.  I love my doggies, even the fat needy one.
2.  Tried to dye my hair darker the other week, came out lighter...
3.  Worried about withdrawal symptoms with the last major music festival of the season behind us.
4.  I really love my car, abhorrent safety rating and all.

Best Moment Award:

 Serious thanks are in order for Miss Sania, and to all the committed readers who appreciate my attempts at capturing some epic story telling.  That warm fuzzy feeling when you slog it out to get that idea into words and people cry wonder (or even just a "...I like the picture?") is pretty damn inspiring.  Thanks for the support, because stories shouldn't go unnoticed, and we should keep discovering new ones ;)

Liebster Blog Award:

What's your worst fear?   Dying, ever since I was little.

If you had one wish, what would it be?   To have the motivation to accomplish what I want.

Think fast. Forest or waterfall?   Forrest, climbing and jumping through giant woods and dirt, that was my Sunday evening :P

Can you explain the concept of concepts?   A concept is something so incompletely attached to your stream of consciousness that your heart trembles at the mere thought of making such a connection, and your mind is static with the possibilities... or something.

How good are you at keeping a secret?   This is my secret...

Do you believe in déjà vu?   Yes, because I have experienced so many multi layered déjà vu's it is more complex than Inception.

Check out Embracing Dawn's post for the proper rules...


Handshake - Two Door Cinema Club
Heavy Feet - Local Natives
Seconds - Ghost Loft
Your Life Your Call - Junip
Human Spring - Buchanan
Evil Friends - Portugal. The Man
Luck Now - Big Scary
Wave - Crystal Fighters
Follow Baby - Peace
Battleships - Bernard Fanning

happy tuesday,
from sjp.

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  1. Bravo to the acceptance speech!
    And I love your concept of concepts...or something. ;p


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