May 5, 2013


I lost Jaq.

I haven't heard from those characters I was once so close too in almost a month.  Feels like more.

I'm not worried.  Or confident.

I'm just enjoying a new road and taking things as they come.

A new chapter has consumed my life, as they tend to do, and there is much less flexibility afforded to space out and traipse through day dreams lit by inspiration.

But this is life, and I am beginning to value weekends much more highly.

Especially Sundays.  Particularly night.

So to any concerned citizens, lynch mobs, or entirely disinterested parties I am sending a much overdue notice for morale.

I will find her again.

I will strive to explore every new band, fill my mind with sound, continue to conquer the revelations of photography, every evocative composure of imagination until she cant help but follow the story.

Because there are just too many amazing things waiting to inspire.

we will return,
from sjp.

Late March, Death March /
Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit


  1. I hope you find her soon mate! Been missing if flash. :)

  2. Characters do have away of fading sometimes, but I've found that they always come back.

    I tend to use those times when they're silent to write something unrelated. :-)

  3. I nominated you for the sunshine award!
    Details on my blog. :)


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