Oct 21, 2013

Amazing Race

Have a query you’d like help with? Maybe a first line hook or a pitch you need critiqued? How about some help with your platform, online visibility or advice on how to get published?

From October 21st until October 27th, Writers Helping Writers is posting an open call for writers to celebrate the release of their Positive and Negative Thesaurus books. Fill out this FORM to request help with critiques, book visibility, social media sharing, blog diagnostics, advice and more.

An army of Amazing Racers are standing by (including myself) waiting to help with your submissions. How many people can we help in a week? There are also Celebrity Racers - amazing authors and editors who know their way around a first page, like the fantastic K.M. Weiland. Maybe one of them will pick your submission to help with!

Tune into Angela and Becca's site for a new giveaway each day of the week, all focusing on an important area of the business of writing.

pay it forward,
from sjp

1 comment:

  1. How cool! And what a great way for writers to support writers! :)


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