Oct 29, 2013



The vibrations in the air hit her like butterfly kisses, radiating across her skin, echoing against her heart like palpitations. A scent like spring teased her senses as she pictured the grass, the glaring morning sun warming a fitful breeze… For a second her breath hitched, her body startled as she fell from focus, landing hard against the mottled carpet. The open air smothered by damp and shadows. Scrunching up her face in disappointment she felt his hand on her shoulder, reassuring, grounding her to begin again. She would Transit, eventually.

Looking up into his clear eyes she felt the fluttering across her palms. Smiling at his surprise she released the insect, watching it rise through the dust motes suspended in the fading light.

Given the Chance - The Kite String Triangle

to dematerialise,
from sjp


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