Oct 14, 2013



"Mind, body and soul," he murmured enticing me closer.  "Do you think you could handle it?"

I tried to keep my eyes focused, but they seemed to waver of their own accord, my vision swaying in the low candle light as he danced around me, always at the edge of darkness.

"This world, the next, and the last..." he whispered urgently, darting away before I could latch onto the sound of his voice as he led me deeper.  My hands shook, desperate to find something solid, a voice at the back of my thoughts threatening to break into hysterics.  Taking a lighter from my jacket I fumbled frustratingly with the catch, the song of promises fading beneath the static in my head as I stared at my fragile fingers mindlessly.  I can't take it any more, the voice cries.  If I'm Pulled one more time it will destroy what is left of my sanity, and yet it's what I'm fighting for.

The sound of the catch igniting echoes like a clashing percussion, the flame hissing in the air as it leaps from my hands, the bright flame blinding my stunned eyes.  Spinning around I stumble in the darkness, panic setting my heart to a sprint as all senses scramble for navigation.  How long had I been walking?

The faintest wisp of cool air tickles down the back of my neck, pricking my nerves into full alertness as I turn around, raising my lone flame higher, muscles tensed.

For a cruel second it's Charlie standing there, and my chest is wrought with the sadness in his eyes.

Instead I am left shivering under a cold black stare, his hand outstretched with three identical die waiting poised in his palm, the markings morphing beneath the twisting light.  I ran from one monster into the arms of another, and am already drowning in his games.

"Do you trust fate?"

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High - The Arctic Monkeys
Come a Little Closer - Cage The Elephant
Tonight - Rufus
Melt - Chet Faker
Bygone - Volcano Choir

set sail,
from sjp.

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