Nov 21, 2013

I'm With You

Because sometimes my dreams terrify me,

You were here last night, in the clouds of twilight.
I dreamt we were holding hands, and it scared me.
It scared me my mind would want that, when there are so many boundaries.
It scared me that it felt so comfortable.
So I woke up and ran away.
But you can never run far enough, and before I knew it we were walking, side by side down the dim lit street, surrounded by all those boundaries.
And all I could think of was
how easy it would be to place my hand in yours,
and run away.

with their promises.
from sjp

I'm With You - Grouplove

Nov 10, 2013




Cold water snaked tendrils down his chest, dripping from his face as he cupped his hands beneath the faucet once more, hoping to drown the remnants of a dream and find peace in the running water.  Staring at his reflection in the smeared glass above he let a bitter laugh breathe from his lips, even in the tangled mess he recognised himself, a wry smile escaping as if there was an unspoken agreement in his own eyes that he would never be able to give up the fight.

Shouts from locals shook him from his reverie, glancing out the window down to the canal he spied two boatmen battling with their poles for the right to pass.  This city was chaos, multi levelled shanties dancing upon each other in a maze of salvaged wrecks and tight canals.  Every year the waters rose people merely built higher until its depths were in a constant shadow under daylight.

Stooping to fish a shirt from the floor a far-off rumbling made him pause; sturdy engineering was not the forte of this place and whole blocks had been known to collapse, the only saviour usually being the close packed nature of the city.  An uneasy silence lent him to return to the window.  The boats were abandoned, bobbing violently in the murky canal while their captains clambered frantically up the fragmented foundations.  An unwanted thought raced through his mind; striding into the bedroom he grabbed the note from the bed.
Gone to markets. 
Closing his eyes a faded nightmare flashed through his mind, robes swirling in ancient waters, voices chanting darkness.

Had they finally caught up with them?

The horror of the idea rendered him speechless.  Surely it couldn't be possible, but already he sensed it; droplets clung to his hair, his veins electric with anticipation.  Looking out at the sea of shanties he watched the canal wane like the noon tide, air rushing through the passage leaving unearthly stillness behind it. 

Holding the note tight, Arroyo took a deep breath, you could not outrun the Bruinen.  Praying from the painful depths of his heart that she would be safe, he waited as the distant roar intensified, echoing down the corridor as a wall of water taller than sun bore down upon the city.  Screams rang out from every quarter as millions scrambled to escape the cleansing.

Word Count: 393

watching the ships roll in,
from sjp.

Nov 7, 2013

The Future

Should have been a Tuesday,

To be fair, I remembered about IWSG and even had a little thought ready to post... only I was a day early and then forgot on the actual day...

I've missed a few of these lately, mostly because I didn't want to be posting about how I didn't know where I stood every month.  I do hate to be repetitive.

I think it largely has to do with where my life was and now is, it always seems to follow the same cycle.  If your totally lost check out my last insecurities, polar opposites of worry.  But don't fret, I've found my stories again, well or at least am on the path to it, it's like the old days when I'm day dreaming about my WIP again.

I don't know if it's Jaq anymore; I think it's just me.  My stories and my words.

I think it all came down to Exhibition, new exciting characters that are so raw, it reminded me of all my other favourites.  It wasn't a BAM moment, or even a gradual change, it was just life.

Essentially, I don't know where I'm headed or what went wrong, but after all these "I don't know"s I'm still writing, and I have alot of unfinished fiction waiting to be fleshed out.

Go on and give me a challenge, let me know which has been your favourite on the poll, or if it's not there call for my head and comment who you've been missing.

posting soon I promise,
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