Dec 22, 2013



A title too apt for this piece, scrolling through my unpublished list I legitimately wondered whether someone had accidentally written something on the wrong blog!  That strange breathless moment when you have no recollection of your own words, I was still in disbelief when I found the original file on my computer.

I hope you enjoy this, reading with what feels like fresh eyes I think this is beautiful, and still don't know how I wrote it.

Your whispered words hum across my lips, like 

a fervent promise locked in my heart, taunting in 

the way when you know true happiness is beyond your 

grasp, the eternally elusive.  Teardrops are caught 

in the wind, chilling rosy cheeks before they are 

cast to the ground.  You cannot see her eyes, or risk 

your soul to drown in their depths.  The layers of 

the veil protect the threads of ones heartbeat, 

holding it close from desperate hands.  As her lips 

quiver and lashes flutter out on the calling tundra, 

I whisper your words to her now.  And a smile breaks 

forth with more intensity than the sun, radiating a 

warmth that touches my own abandoned solitude until 

hers are not the only tears falling in the wind.

still reeling,
from sjp.
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