Jan 29, 2014


Visual Dare #46

She ran her fingers over the smooth wood, shifting the shapes, her face still as she immersed herself in the movement of the shadows until finally his shape emerged.  The remembrance of his infectious happiness pinched her eyes with sadness and she longed to stand in his wake once more, to feel even a breath of love or security.  If only she had kept up, or waited beyond the hedge like he'd said, she wouldn't have fallen through that hole, and been left behind in this wilderness.  She watched the pale light seep through the silhouettes, guilt building over the regrets until she lashed out at the marionettes, splintering the silent figures.  She stood over them, the fading light falling into darkness and leaving her truly alone.  Maybe this circle of destruction would never have begun.

Youth - Daughter

a story you don't know,
and is only just unfolding.
from sjp


  1. Wonderful weaving of words and strong symbols. Love it

  2. Wanted to let you know that you won Cruel Beauty at Literary Rambles. Congrats! Please e-mail me your address at natalieiaguire7@gmail.com by the end of Wednesday or I'll have to pick another winner.

  3. This piece is very well done. I quite enjoyed it and felt the weight of Alice's regret.

  4. Great job! I also felt the weight of Alice's regret.
    Dropping by from Crystal's blogfest. Newest follower here.

  5. Very cool feeling with this piece. Well done.

    Also a new follower and dropping in from Crystal's blogfest.

  6. loved this. came to see the blogfest but was pleasantly surprised with your artistry. adore it. new follower, too!!

  7. Excellent job! The photo is stunning too.

  8. Excellent, evocative writing once more. :-)


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