Jan 12, 2014


Pt I Vacant - Something I wrote for a Visual Dare,
but didn't think was ready,
so silly.

Three days they had been wandering in silence.  Three days of guilt and regret twisting his insides, reality taunting him with its brutal truth scarring his vision and her heart.  Channer had resorted to biting his lip every time his gaze strayed to hers, to hold back the apology that threatened to spill forth at the sight of the sorrow in her eyes, the faltering tears that shamed him, made him want to fall at her feet and beg forgiveness, for not being able to stop it.

For not being able to save them.

Three days it took them to find anyone.

"Staring at her isn't going to give her peace boy," A solemn voice interrupted his thoughts, he absentmindedly accepted a cup of water from the no-nonsense woman standing beside him, trying to watch his surroundings less obviously.

But it was all too surreal, feeling cast out upon the tundra, pitifully gathering together like refugees, he wasn't sure if he could stand another group prayer where they lined salvaged chairs like some make believe church.  She was the only thing that mattered anymore; now that everything had disappeared, he would wander these hills forever, to correct his mistakes, to give her a life back.

Part I - Daybreak

Ready for part II?
or want to taste a different story?
from sjp.


  1. SO SAD! My bottom lip is quivering and I just want to give them all a hug. Beautiful conflict and wonderful writing. =)

  2. Not ready? Perfection as always!

  3. What a wonderful piece! I can see how the picture inspired you.

  4. That makes me want to cry! Perfect piece (and picture) for Vacant!


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