Mar 12, 2014


Visual Dare #52

To place your trust in the light of another, so they may lead you on the right path.  Even when caught in the cataclysms of instinct let your soul speak out and chase the ethereal swell of your own uplifting joy.  Climb to new heights and meet them at that precipice, adrenaline shooting you up with life before pushing you into freefall.  Make every decision so that it grows within you until it bursts into the fruition of the knowledge that you did it, you climbed that, you chased this, you drowned out the doubts screaming at your senses with pure throaty laughter.

Love, lose, run, work, experience, explore, listen, sing, dream, stay up all night and be carefree, careless, careful and happy.

Be happy.

Don't fall.

Hold tight and bare your teeth at the tremors trying to shake you.  It wouldn't be an adventure otherwise.

Listening to - Tribes
it always seems rough,
until you see who's waiting for you.
from sjp.


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