Mar 11, 2014



The ocean raked the shoreline, crying out for her in all its foaming madness, spraying salt from its lips in frustration.  Feeling unsteady on the pebbled coast she blinked her eyes angrily, holding back the pain that welled there.  They would tell her its just the sea following its tides, but she knew it wanted to break free, why else would it wear away at anything that stood in its way.  Each wave smothering the last in an attempt to escape, to fly freer than the last, only to crash upon itself, natures self destructive force.  That's all she was; another consumed by their own force, destined to destroy themselves.  "Is this what you want!" she cried out into the empty dawn.  Stooping down to gather a fistful of rocks she cast them violently into the receding water, watching them disappear beneath the churning surface.  Feeling breathless she rushed after them, the cold making her gasp as she stumbled into the ocean, waves in their currents taking turns to pull her out into the endless, only to come rushing back and shoving her to shore.  Her limbs like lead and her eyes stinging with salt all she did was let it, disappearing under the foamy water as the hard pebbles grated beneath her.

She didn't realise when she lay staring up at the clouds, tossed across the shore like driftwood, caught in the bright sunrise as it shaped the sky into a paling violet, so beautiful it burned in her veins.  Choking on salt water she scrambled across the pebbles out of the reach of the tormented ocean, letting out a resigned laugh as she watched the sky bear her colour.

I Can Make You Love Me - British India

don't let it define you,
let it breath through you.
from sjp.


  1. Wonderful piece! I love the imagery of the ocean and how it is trying to break free. Never really thought of it that way, but it makes a lot of sense.

  2. Beautify imagery! Goodness, what an evocative piece.


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