Apr 1, 2014



Ally in Wonderland

With shaking hands she clawed at the ground beneath her, struggling to push herself upright.  The musky earthy aroma took her off guard as she brushed the soil from her skirts, damp moss and foliage shrouding the forest floor beneath her feet.

A glimmer caught her eye through the shadows, a faded gilded frame, she peered through its murky depth wiping away the dirt to find her own reflection rise through the darkness on the surface, tears silently rolling down its face.  Trembling she touched a hand to her own waterless features, feeling her heart beat faster as the reflection changed before her, glancing around terrified it began to run, calling for help without sound, stumbling within the shadows, screaming.

Ally put her own cry to her reflections gaping lips, falling back from the once again dark glass, she wanted to destroy it, to free herself from its horrifying prophecy.   Instead she grasped a fistful of earth and smeared it across the surface.

a prophecy of a prophecy?
from sjp.


  1. Ooh! I love it. Creeptastic in the most wonderful way. Seriously, you've set my imagination on fire!

  2. Oh my, gave me distinct chills! Well done...

  3. Great post, very atmospheric. Good luck with the rest of the challenge :) x

  4. Wow what a great piece. I loved it. I can't wait to read tomorrows piece :) ~A-Z Blogger

  5. What a spin on using "alone". I blogged about the literal meaning but your interpretation was beautiful!!

    ~Sha', fellow A to Z'er

  6. Thanks all :) I love throwing this poor girl into such creepy twisted scenarios

  7. .... I think I'll sound repetitive.
    Good piece.


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