Apr 2, 2014



Georgia's Tale

The ruin was condemned to fire, its heat beautiful in its hungry release, yet still her eyes locked to where she had last caught sight of him, the room choking in thick plumes of suffocating smoke.  Georgia took a step back, her footing unsure, a strange emptiness churning in her stomach unwilling to believe that it had been done.  It was done.

The smoke flowing past her shifted suddenly, a gloved hand wrenching her from the dusted reminiscent atmosphere into the grey street.  Struggling to lash out the grip around her wrist only tightened, dragging her closer until she faced a mens brown coat dampened by the abating storm.

"Surely this is stalking detective," she spat angrily, trying to push away from his determined hold.

"And I'm certain this is theft," the man growled, eyeing the revolver still in her hand.  "Not to mention arson."

"Better get in there then officer!" Georgia snapped, bringing her elbow down into his gut.  Frantically she searched the street for a quick exit, but found herself knocked to the pavement, her face stinging from the blow.  In a desperate bid she closed her finger around the trigger, flinching as a bullet ricocheted into the nearest wall shooting off a cloud of plaster.

Seething in frustration Georgia kicked out at him, fighting to back away from his advance, hating the imbalance of strength as he pressed down upon her.  Jerking the revolver from her grip and tucking into his waistband, forcing her onto her stomach.  Feeling the coarse concrete scrape her skin, its cold surface coating her in silt, Georgia gritted her teeth against hopelessness as the familiar bite of handcuffs pinned her arms behind her.  

Kill to Feel - Part One
A Reckoning - Part Two
From the Ashes - Part Three
Bad at editing,
from sjp.


  1. Oh another good piece. Now I wish i had done something similar for my posts :) Great writing. ~A-Z Blogger

  2. Ohhh I could almost feel the concrete myself!

  3. The 'bad at editing' was a great sign off! But if you don't write it in the first place there is nothing to edit. Good tension and back story: I am a bit of a fight nerd however, so question how Georgia gets hit in the face while exiting. I think a kick to the back of the knee would be more likely. The pavement might well sting her face then. Hope this is helpful :-)
    Lisa at Wishbone Soup Cures Everything

    1. Argh you're right! Thats what was in my mind but it didnt quite come across haha, I'd had this scene sitting too long and couldnt seem to edit it right so just published it instead! Everything always becomes clearer then ;)

  4. Can I just say, more please...
    You write awfully well. :)

  5. Sigh...your imagery is amazing. Makes me want more, much more of the story.

    D.B. McNicol
    A to Z: Romance & Mystery...writing my life


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