Apr 10, 2014


Credit: myself

The humidity hung in the air like a thick blanketing mist grounding everything.  A singular solar ray breached the darkening sky above resembling a heavenly lighthouse.

She had returned.

The time away had been unbearable.  It had not been possible for Zara to leave this place behind her, abandoned like the vague trails of an evaporating dream.

Yet already it had changed.  The scattered wall of foliage was tensed and still, anticipating the approaching summer storm.  She could feel the static rising from the damp soil, that strong smell of rain infiltrating her senses.  Her lungs inhaled deeply as she lay against a column of rich bark following the trail of its roots with her hands.  That all too human affliction of needing to touch and feel, to claim some form of connectivity, overwhelming her.

At first she glowed with the euphoria of her private discovery, but then had come an endless need to be a part of this world, festering bitterly within until she found her way back.

She sat in stillness as the rain began to fall, hammering the ground around her in a deafening crescendo for hours until repreive.  The forest had withstood, taking no notice of the ravaging elements, as it would take no notice of her when she again disappeared.

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  1. Gorgeous picture! And I love the atmosphere of this piece.


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