Apr 21, 2014


A to Z Challenge

The sun set a glowing ambiance as wisps of her hair were stirred against the wind.  There she sat on the rough brick pillar awaiting something and I could tell her mind was lost, coursing through some unreachable self conscious.  Her eyes flitted across the air, as if mapping those rapid thoughts or trying to catch those particles of dust that simmered in the suns gaze.  To others passing through the plaza she was merely background noise.  Just another young person loitering.  Yet I couldn't help but become entranced by her movements and wonder what fantastic possibilities were forming in that whirlwind of contemplation.  The small flash of light at her neck where she repeatedly twirled two silver keys around a simple chain while the other hand drummed a silent rhythm against the concrete. 

Everything about her reflected simplicity and calm, from the plain black tank top and denim shorts to her general manner as she leaned back on her hands, legs crossed, and watched the others streaming past.  I could tell she had no interest in people watching, it was more out of habit as she cast her eyes across the individual before moving to the next.  There was no smirk of disdain or haughty expression of judgement, just the occasional frown as a thought was produced, gradually drawing her gaze back to the air.

And then she would smile, this beautiful grin that barely held back the laughter in her breath, the one that made me desperately curious.  Those eyes still shining with amusement at her minds conversation when she sees me approach, and my heart stumbles as they crinkle with further delight.


From sjp.


  1. Hi, awesome post!

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    I'm also participating in the A-Z Challenge, and my theme focuses on books and the title starts with the letter of the day!

  2. Well done, a really impressive character sketch! :-)


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