Apr 22, 2014


Ally in Wonderland

"To sail beyond this place, can you imagine it!" The Captain raised his spyglass to the horizon, golden rays catching his face in a spectacular glow.  His smile was infectious as Ally lent against the starboard hedge alongside him watching the mist swirl around them, the sails wavering in the breeze, and breathed in the calm.

The air began to cool as clouds scudded across the sky, smothering the suns warmth and bringing darkness to the rippling waters below.  Glancing down she frowned at her reflection wishing for the return of the joyous weather, preferring the illusion of sailing through the heavens instead of the murky river lapping at their earthy hull.  She stared at the swirling depths, watching the silt dance in the light currents, the Captain humming a solemn tune as he paced the decks.

With a scream she threw herself backwards, clutching her trembling lips as she tried to distance herself from the nightmare she had spied beneath the surface.  The waters began to broil, rising up suddenly as if caught in a tempest from the deepest sea, spraying the little vessel venomously as if to spite the voyagers.  The sails shuddered violently with her beating heart, whipping back and forth in the erratic winds.

"My dear, hold tight!" He warned.  "Do not abandon ship, do not go into the water!" He looked to her gravely, knowing what she had seen, the nervousness and grief plain upon his face.

"What is happening?" she cried as the ships hull crashed against a wave, throwing her into the arms of the Captain.

"Do not lose hold whatever you do my dear! You must stay on this ship!"

The fog closed in, salty air choking her lungs as suddenly the arms around her vanished and silence began to suffocate her.  All she could hear was the far off creaking of the deck and yet she realised she was no longer standing upon it; all orientation was lost.  A distance voice cried out and she recognised it as the Captain's.

"Matilda! Matilda! I'm sorry!"

She felt so dazed, as if she were floating, the water cool around her as the tiny currents swept around her limbs like silk against her skin.  Yet she felt so heavy, it didn't make sense.  Kicking fervently she tried to call out, swallowing the tepid water that coursed around her, her hands caught by something that made her cringe beneath its touch, claws digging into her wrists as a garish face came into sight, baring its teeth in malicious laughter it began to drag her down.

keep your life vests on,
from sjp.

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