Apr 24, 2014


A to Z Challenge

8 days.

You gave me 8 days to decide the fates of so many.

You sat across from me, knees barely touching, the usual humour in your eyes hidden as you stared quietly, patiently.

"What about the girl you just met?" I try to inject some laughter into my voice, to make it like every other conversation we have where we joke and laugh and its all so serenely carefree.

"She means nothing if I have you."

I feel my soul inhale sharply, and I can barely focus under how surreal this all is.  I glance at my warm glass and curse myself for being so sober, last time seemed so much easier, you were too late and we left it at that.

Now you're giving me this ultimatum.

"But I'm seeing someone." We've been through this.

"I'm not telling you to break up with them." He shrugs, never releasing his stare.

But you are.  And I hate that your splitting the path like this, because its not a decision between him or you, it never has been.  It's always been about keeping your friendship or destroying your heart.

You keep talking but your words are lost in the white noise of the bar, drunken legs sauntering past, the cold weather dreary outside.

I can't give you an answer because my mind is lost to numbness, so you tell me 8 days.  But I already know what will happen, what always happens.

I would rather lose everything than live with regrets tainting my future.

Got It, Lost It - Big Scary
80 Miles - Megan Washington
Everything to Nothing - Manchester Orchestra
Daniella - Hooray for the Riff Raff
Paper Plane - Violent Soho
You've Got Something - The Jungle Giants
how would you choose?
from sjp.

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