Apr 26, 2014


A to Z Challenge

Street art in Barcelona

The rain is like sleet as it slides across my skin, a surprising burst of cold sensations with each raindrop that trails down my upturned face.  The sound that thunders around you, you cant help but feel the joy that bubbles forth from your throat as mother nature dances in the night, and you dance and shout and clap with her.

I spy your silhouette in the distance, a smile rising in my eyes as I watch you slip up the hill, the grass slick with the torrents rolling forth.  Your mouth moves and your arms wave but I can't stop dancing, and as you fall to the mud once more I see you cast aside the remnants of a skeletal umbrella.

Now join me!

Soon your heat breaks through and you hold me tight, your warmth entrancing as you press me against your chest.  My eyes feel heavy as the releasing streamers of rain are forgotten.

"Time for bed little one".

running in the rain,
from sjp


  1. So beautiful. Ah, that carefree abandon we can only enjoy while young!

  2. That is amazing artwork. And I love Running in the Rain.

  3. That was like a breath on the wind...

  4. I really enjoy your poetic style. :-)


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