May 9, 2014



The night air was cool on her back as she buried her face in her mother’s musky gown, eyes irritated from the tears of frustration.  Her mother merely stroked her hair, staring up at the filling moon as it illuminated the darkness.

“You will understand someday.” She whispered, gently lifting the girls chin to look into her young face.  “You will find me when the time is right.”

Standing, she calmly held back the grasping fingers of the child, swallowing the unfamiliar emotion as she walked to the window, breathing in the crisp air as it swept around her.

“I look forward to when I may welcome you as a woman my dear.” She said, smirking at the hope in her heart.

For a moment the luminescent moon disappeared in a shroud of black as it burst in the small nursery.

Leaping up the girl grasped the windows edge, hanging her body out as much as her straining muscles could will to catch one last glimpse of a shrieking silhouette as it flew into the night.

from sjp


  1. *gasp* Oh boy. I'm reminded of that scene in Saving Mr. Banks when the mother starts walking into the stream to drown herself. *shudder* So sad.


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