Jun 4, 2014




I swear every Tuesday I think man, that was a real insecurity, it will be great for this months instalment, but it's only Tuesday, better save it for Wednesday... and then totally forget until I see all the IWSG posts popping up.

And by then I'm already feeling better, maybe it's the knowledge that no matter what little thing is niggling away there's a support group out there ready to say don't be ridiculous.  Or maybe I know I'll be able to deal with it, after all it's just an insecurity ;)

Although the last month was slightly stagnant I'm getting back in the habit of fiction, seems every time I hit a wall I just look back at all the bits and pieces of stories around me and think well I have to keep going just look at something and start writing.  Think I'll hold to that write 100 words a day dealio because even though I didn't set strict goals or anything just having it in my mind to write something got quite a few words on the page.

The music writing is picking up too which is good, although I don't do myself many favours always leaving the write ups til the deadline and watching episodes of Adventure Time between each paragraph :S  I just need to find which voice to use; how to share the euphoria of live music to readers.

I worried my last article wasn't good enough, that it was boring and read more like a schedule instead of illustrating the chilled and awesome day the festival was.  That was until friends read it and told me it was a "heaps great read!".

I guess anyone who produces something, especially when it's their hope on the line, are going to seek validation.  Even though I feel like an awkward beginner in a room full of professionals and journalists with "I like bands" written in crayon instead of a list of qualifications, I'm doing it anyway because in the end it's what I love, even if I freak out over every article I send off.

disorderedly yours,
from sjp.


  1. I think we will always seek validation for what we're writing. We want to hear whether it is good or not, especially from readers.

  2. LOL I've written my insecurity down and pre-scheduled it for IWSG day before, so I can relate. Even if I'm better at that time, it was real. And yes, you're right, I think no matter what stage we're in, we'll always seek validation. Impossible not to.

    I'm glad the music writing is picking up, good luck with finding the voice you need, and keep that 100 words a day goal! You can do it!!! :D

  3. I like to think that even (insert a famous writer's name) has doubts. And if you attend any author talks, indeed they tend to say they "have their days". Sounds like you are doing great in keeping goals. Keep having fun - that's the key. The joy in your work will shine through

  4. Do you really have a t-shirt that says that?
    Cool that you write music. And articles. You are a well-rounded writer.
    I think we all feel like we are newbies at some point, even when we've been around a while.

    1. Haha I feel like that would be a T shirt to invest in ;)

  5. I've been writing for years and I still seek validation. I think we all do, but you're writing what you love. As long as you're doing that, you're golden. :)

  6. As long as you love what you do. I always said when I stopped loving doing what I do I'd stop. Misery is not worth it. And in the writing business, when you are seeking validation from a whole lot of "others", you really need to love to write to keep going. =) Good luck.

  7. Yeah this is something I struggle with all the time, balancing the fact that I'm doing this writing thing for the love of writing, and wanting everyone who reads my work to love it.

    It's just something we learn to get used to, I guess. But then, it's an ongoing process. :-)

  8. I feel insecurities are, more often than not, imaginary scenarios in our heads. What could be or what could have been.
    Congrats on hitting hundred words everyday. I hardly hit fifty. Haha. Anyhow, glad to hear your music writing going well too.
    Keep writing!

  9. I think we all feel like we've been writing in crayon around a bunch of people with beautiful fountain pens, or at least I do. A paragraph at a time, a 100 words at a time, is a great way to write. It's the kind of writing that will keep your writing alive and vibrant day in and day out.
    Happy Writing!

  10. 100 words a day got me pretty far last year, even if I wasnt strict about it being everyday, you end up being surprised at what comes out once you put pen to paper thinking nothings there :)

    Side note, the festival organisers featured a quote from my article alongside a bunch of established magazines I've been reading since I was 14!! Feels good ;)

  11. I think we all feel like fakers, until WHAM you realize you have fans! It happens, and then you smack your own cheek to bring you back to reality. You don't have to be perfect or the best, you just have to be you.

    Keep at it!


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