Jun 1, 2014


The autumn air was flushed with the coming chill as it swept across the hills, entangling her hair in its wake and leaving her skin raised in anticipation.  She tried to breathe deeply, calmly, fully.  But all she could feel was her heart dancing chaos between her ribs.  Resisting the urge to cross her arms over her chest she opened her eyes, inhaling sharply at the figure that stood before her, how had he come so close so silently?  She glanced over his shoulder at the growing gathering waiting in the distance.

"Is it time yet?" she asked quietly, struggling to keep her voice steady.  Too nervous to see the answer in his face she closed her eyes once more, thinking only of the sun as it shone through the clouds overhead and teased her with its light.

Feeling a sudden heat over her heart she startled, finding herself instantly pulled into his unwavering gaze as he laid his hand on her chest.

"A fiery heart will grant you a strong rebirth, don't try to quell the power within," he said purposefully.  Letting his hand fall to grasp hers trembling by her side he whispered,  "Don't hide it, and the arrow will stay true".

Blinking at the rare tenderness she nodded her thanks, watching him retreat to the others, leaving her to once again stand alone.  But for that one small comfort she might have fallen to fear as the unknown quickly approached.  She held her breath as an eerie call echoed across the plain and the priest began to draw his sight.  Focusing her mind from the darkening skies above Rhye awaited the steel touch of her future, thinking only of the warmth lingering over her heart.

For My Help - Hayden Camlen
Dance, Dance, Dance - Blackchords
be brave,
from sjp


  1. very smooth writing. I'm meandering on the A to Z road trip. this was a pleasant pit stop


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